How you got here – About Us

We are thrilled that everyone who wears one of my creations knows they are getting a unique, one-of-a-kind, worthy of a princess piece of jewelry.

Before I created Jill Gehr Designs, I was a stay at home mom trying to take care of a home, two adorable children, a husband, and myself who was dealing with quite a lot of health issues at the time which included the most annoying migraines and neck pain. I went back to work when the kids were both in school full-time to help lighten the load on my husband in helping with the finances. As the kids grew older, their need for me got less and less and I found myself lost trying to find where I fit in the world of an “empty nester”.

One day I was at my mother in laws watching her work on these beautiful pieces of jewelry using articles in magazines. I thought to myself, Hmmm, I could do that. But I wanted to be as original as possible (I think that comes from being a twin always striving to be my own person), so I decided I would start painting again. I loved art and photography. Not only did I fill the empty void in my heart, I started designing jewelry using my own photographs and paintings! And because of my neck pain and migraines, I knew I wanted to make each piece of jewelry as light as possible. Earrings, although they may be large, you barely know you’re wearing them. Necklaces so light, you hardly know you’re wearing them! I wasn’t doing anything with them…I was just keeping myself busy. Then, one day a friend told me that I need to go to a craft show and let people see my work. I was very shy back then (I know hard to believe), so with some words of encouragement, I did and who knew how successful that would turn out to be!

I decided to set out and create the most unique, light-weight “designer quality” jewelry for women who wanted to be original, wanted to be different. Jewelry that made a statement without the heavy feel around the neck or the tugging on the ears from the earrings being too weighted down.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

A little birdie told me that if you want to make God laugh, set a goal and make a plan. Well, I can share this with you, I had God in stitches from laughing so hard!!! Every time I set a goal, something seemed to come up whether it be my husband’s heat attack deemed the “widow maker” (Praise the Lord, he survived), depression, myself going in and out of remission due to the stress, laying parents to rest, suffering through the loss of our furry family members, car accidents, family members dealing with issues…it has been six very crazy years.

But, through it all, we survived, moved forward.  My husband and I have gained two beautiful grandchildren who are a delight to have and hold.

The wonderful feedback that I’ve gotten through the years from people all over the world, who’ve purchased my jewelry, has been a wonderful Blessing that has made this journey in my life so worth it.  And I want to Thank each of them and you for being a part of our world, which my husband and I both agree, our customers are like our extended family.  We miss you when we don’t hear from you or see you and know, We appreciate you and your support of our little handmade business.

xoxo,  Jill